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Proper 10GbE SFP+ GBIC for the FAS2600 series?


The Cisco DAC cables that the VAR/NetApp specified with our FAS2620 are not compatible with our HP/Aruba ProCurve switching. To get everything to work, we'll need to go with optical transceivers on both sides. I'm working with our VAR and NetApp sales/se staff, but want to confirm that the correct 10GbE GBICs on the NetApp side for this sytem are the x6589-R6, and that the Avago AFBR-709SMZ-NA2 is the right part, and see if anyone has experience hooking these GBICs up to ProCurve switching. 


We're attaching these up via standard TCP/IP 10Gb ethernet to the HP/Aruba ProCurve switches with J9150a 10Gb SFP+ adapters on the ProCurve side. Cabling is LC 50/125, and the optics are SR MMF on the ProCurve end.


I've just got the system in, and am getting them registered, so I don't have access to HWU yet.


Thank you!


Re: Proper 10GbE SFP+ GBIC for the FAS2600 series?

That's the right part. I can't vouch for Procurve, but optical SR usually isn't problem with the right SFP's on both ends.

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Re: Proper 10GbE SFP+ GBIC for the FAS2600 series?


Just a heads up - while X6589 may be the part, there is no warrant that it will be the same Avago SFP - in many cases we use OEM diversity, so it may be filled by a functionally identical part from a different OEM.

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