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Proper way to remove old DS14mk4 disk shelves from 3270.


I am in the process of migrating our storage from the old ds14mk4 shelves running 300GB FC disks.


After I move all the storage what would be the proper way to clean up and remove the FC loops from the controllers?


The steps I have so far:


1. Offline and delete volumes

2. Delete the old aggregates

3. Unassign the FC disks from each controller (Any easy way to do this? There's 250+ disks?)

4. Unplug the FC cables for each loop

5. Shutdown the disk shelves


Am I missing anything? Is there an easier way?







You can refer this document https://mysupport.netapp.com/documentation/docweb/index.html%3FproductID%3D30409



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What is your data ONTAP version?


Looking at the tags I'm guessing you're running ONTAP 8.1.4 - is that correct?


Hot disk shelf removal is  supported only for 8.2.1 or later, so you would have to shut the system down prior to unplugging shelves:








Yes, this is version 8.1.4P2.


We cannot go to 8.2 right now, because the customer is still running Win2k3 servers with SnapDrive and NetApp DSM. We're at the highest version of these apps supported by Win2k3\Data ONTAP.


When you say we would have to shutdown do you mean both controllers at one time and then power down and disconnect the loops? Or can we do a takeover\giveback to disconnect the portions of the loops?


I'm sure this has been asked before... Why and what are the ramifications of doing this before 8.2.1?


Before 8.2.1 the only supported way was to shutdown both controllers at the same time.
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