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Question about IPv4-IPv6 dual stack


Hi everyone,


Please do me a favour, some informations as below.


One of our installbase customer who planing to replace to IPv6 Network(currently using ipv4), and the customer have more than fifty NetApp FAS8040/8080 Storage, ONTAP is v8.2.4P6, NFS Service only,

They planing to change the Network from IPv4 to IPv6 this year, and they would like to buy more AFA/FAS9000.


There are some questions from the customer as below.

1.Do we support dual stack solution(IPv4-to-IPv6 or IPv6-to-IPv4)on NFS Data Service Network , if customer enable this feature,how much performance overhead on controller ? customer want to get some quantitative indicators to reference.


2.If enable IPv6, how do we may that DR/MCC Network sucessfull ?


3.What's the best prices about the IPv4/IPv6 dual stack?




Re: Question about IPv4-IPv6 dual stack


Hi there!


Interesting questions - high level responses are below:


- NFS should not be routed, so there shouldn't be a need to do 6in4/4in6 tunnel. We also don't support either of those options. If you need IPv6, run IPv6 all the way to it.

- MCC and ONTAP support statement is located here - https://www.netapp.com/us/media/IPv6.pdf, with further details at https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1636021/html/GUID-219CCABF-EAB6-4F07-9CA9-1BCDBD88D0CE.html - IP networking is not hardware accelerated at layer 2, so IPv6 vs IPv4 should not have performance impacts.

- Price is a matter for local sales teams, but in general there should be no price difference between IPv4 and IPv6


Hope this helps!

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