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Question about adding shelves to a FAS3140 running 7.3.2


We have a new 600GB FC ds14MK4 shelf we are going to add to our netapp, we have 5x 450GB FC ds14MK4 shelves currently attached on one loop.  I'm thinking of adding this shelf to the existing loop and creating a new aggregate called fcaggr3.  I think that the next 600GB FC ds14MK4 shelf I purchase will then need to be on a new FC loop, will I be able to add those new disks to fcaggr3?

I'm trying to decide wether I need to start a new loop now or the next time I buy a shelf.

Thanks in advance


Re: Question about adding shelves to a FAS3140 running 7.3.2


I think if you are planning to add more shelves later and it is possible to build new loop (meaning - you have free ports on filer, necessary SFP and cables), it makes sense to start now. Simply to achieve better load distribution.

You always will be able to add new disks to aggregate; they are not tied to physical disk location.

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