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Quoting DS4243

Can anybody pls let me know, while waiting for the next release of CE, is it possible to quote DS4243 with other system (e.g: FAS2040A) using Add Part?

If yes, which part numbers should I choose?

(from the quote tool bulletin, I cant find part number for the shelf chassis, and I dont know what the part "X70073-R6: BEZEL, 2-PC END CAP SET, DS4243, R6" means)



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Re: Quoting DS4243

Hi Vu & welcome to the forums!

AFAIK this is not doable - at least from a reseller standpoint.

DS4243s are strictly limited to certain filer models & cannot be quoted via add shelves or add parts.



Re: Quoting DS4243

I am in the process of trying to purchase the DS4243 but there are no part numbers available until the 14th Dec.  You could spec the DS4243 as part of a new FAS3140/70 system to get ball park figures but it may just be better to wait until the 14th.

Hope this helps


Re: Quoting DS4243


If anyone missed the news:

At last DS4243 are available for quoting with any (supported) system!!!

There is still one, small-ish caveat - you can't order DS4343 shelves in cabinet configurations (technically you can, but they won't ship until Feb 2010 )