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Re: RAID optiones and capacity?


@Alfs29 wrote:

No, netapp will not do anything even for money if you are not original FAS owner with valid support agreement.

You also wont be happy when you will see their support prices 😉


What version of Ontap are you running currently? 

You can see it in System manager main controller page. It will look something like:


System ID:
NetApp Release 8.1.4P9 7-Mode 



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Assuming that i have an active support with them, will they be able to help?
I saw the support prices... not too bad to be honest...

here it is mate:


NetApp Release 8.1.2 7-Mode
200 days 22 hours 3 minutes

Re: RAID optiones and capacity?


Sure, thats what you pay them for 🙂

But i dont think you have active support agreement .... if you had one, then you would not be here .... you would be sitting in a bar having beer while support company technicians do the magic 😄


Your netapp is up 200 days .... doesnt look like old test/learning equipment to me 😉



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