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RE: V3240 with X2054A-R6 HBA


I have a client that wants to expand his V3240 cluster and is fronting some DS14 shelves and a CX300. He wants more I/O and wants to use an X2054A-R6 in each controller to achieve multipath to the shelves and connections to the switches for the CX300. I have seen this adapter called both a target in one doc and an initiator in another. Since fcp does not allow you to set the type on HBAs in expansion slots, can someone clarify this for me?


Re: RE: V3240 with X2054A-R6 HBA


X2054A-R6 is an FC initiator and is the correct card to attach to disk shelves.. all good.

Re: RE: V3240 with X2054A-R6 HBA


Which document lists the card as a target adapter?  Can you please provide me with a link?  That needs to be rectified.

2054A-R6 is an initiator, which services back-end disk, and is the correct card for your application.  The target mode cards for these heads are 1128 or 1130 assuming FC.  Those are the cards used to service host connections.  When confused the System Configuration Guide, linked below, is considered the definitive source for this information.


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