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RLM Access Denied

DOT: 7.3.3

RLM: 4

I've had this problem previously but I was hoping that the DOT upgrade (from 7.2.4) and RLM update (from v 3) would fix it but it still exists.

When I try to log into the filer using the RLM connection, userid: naroot password: root password, it keeps saying that access is denied. The partner filer with the same settings works ok.

I've tried creating a local test user in the Administrators group and logging in with that but no go.


Re: RLM Access Denied

what is the filer model?

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Re: RLM Access Denied

Are you using naroot as user ID, please ensure.

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Re: RLM Access Denied

Have you done a "rlm reboot" and then tried again?

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just a idea, change the root password and try again with the new password.

Please check the /etc/messages is there something logged from your login tries.

RLM Access Denied

Here's a few other things you might to try just in case you are still having this problem ......

Make sure the root account is allowed all capabilities (*):

Toaster>useradmin user list -x root

Name: root

Info: Default system administrator.

Rid: 0


Full Name:

Allowed Capabilities: *

Password min/max age in days: 0/never

Status: enabled

Also make sure that the root account is enabled on the storage system:

Toaster>options security.passwd.rootaccess.enable

Make sure its set to on.

Re: RLM Access Denied

Might be a bit late, but RLM only supports 16 char password, if your password is longer it will let you log in with the first 16 chars!  Odd but true.

e.g. if your root password is:


then the RLM will accept:


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This is kind of old but still I thought folks may find it useful.

If you re-run RLM setup it should let you in with  naroot & the root passwd.