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RLM/E0M Port

Hi guys,

I have a FAS-2040 with the shared E0M/RLM port.  We have an in band management address (Part of one subnet) and an out of band IP address which we want to assign to RLM (On another subnet) Now I understand you can configure two IP addresses (One for each 'virtual' interface) but obviously my addresses are on seperate subnets thus on our switch I am thinking I will need to trunk between the switch and the NetApp RLM/E0M port.

Is there any additional configuration I need to do on the NetApp to make this work or am I going about this totally the wrong way?

Many thanks,



Re: RLM/E0M Port

Sorry the RLM/e0M ports are connected by a hub and must be on the same IP subnet or they will not work.

Hope it helps


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Re: RLM/E0M Port

Hi Bren,

Thanks for the heads up much appreciated.  Many thanks!


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