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RLM naroot password

Hello All!

Can the root user of FAS3140 change the naroot password of its RLM?

Thank you if you answer.


Re: RLM naroot password

Excuse me, I have already found an answer. We can use command

rlm setup

After that we can login to set up address with naroot and the empty password.

Re: RLM naroot password

Hi Alexander,

Data ONTAP root and RLM naroot user share the same password.

An easy way to replace them is just use the "passwd" command.


                  Jose Lopez

                  NetApp PS

Re: RLM naroot password

What are the options if you have forgot the root password?

Re: RLM naroot password

I believe the only way to change it, reboot the filer, get in maintenance mode, you will presented with a list, one of them is reset root password. You should be connected to the serial port.