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Reassign data disks as spares

I have a FAS270, which has recently ran out of spares. There's not much data left on that filer and there are no plans of prolonging maintenance contract for it. Instead I'd like to reuse some existing disks as spares, as there is some space in the aggregate unoccupied by any volumes.

Is it possible to reassign some disks in the aggregate as hot spares?


Re: Reassign data disks as spares

No, it isn't possible.

You'd have to destroy the aggregate to return the disks to the spares pool.

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Re: Reassign data disks as spares

If existing aggregate is of type RAID_DP you could convert it it RAID4, that will free extra parity disk in every raid group. Otherwise it is impossible to remove disk from aggregate.


Re: Reassign data disks as spares

Apparently, I'll have to destroy and re-create it, I can't shrink RAID groups for them to support RAID4.

Thanks anyway.

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