Accepted Solution

Reboot Panic



we have a lot of kernel panic


Marque : IBM

Modèle N3300


    panic="../common/smb/smbauthenext.c:1114: Assertion failure. in process Auth05 on release Data ONTAP Release 7.3.2"





Re: Reboot Panic

Open a case and NetApp will troubleshoot this for you.

Re: Reboot Panic

Actually, NetApp Technical Support cannot help because this is an IBM product OEM'ed from NetApp. If possible, open a case with IBM Support.

Re: Reboot Panic

That said, I ran the panic string through an analysis tool and it matches an existing bug. You can mention this when you contact IBM Support.


Bug 394862 -- SMB 2 session state changed to disconnected after duplicate session detected


You can upgrade to a fixed release (e.g. 7.3.7P1) .