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Recover deleted ports OnTap 8


A while back, we used the "advanced" commands to delete some network ports that we thought we would never use on our FAS8020 Controller (SFP+ 10g ports e0c and e0d). Well, guess what? We are going to use those 10g ports now and have no idea how to recover or recreate the ports so we can configure them to an ifgrp, and then a lif. The "advanced" and "diag" commands do not seem to have any sort of 'network port add' or 'network port create' command (even though they have the delete command). Does anyone have any ideas how to recover the ports? 


Re: Recover deleted ports OnTap 8


On a FAS8020, e0c/0c and e0d/0d ports are CNA/UTA2 (Ethernet, FC, FCoE-capable) ports. They can be configured as needed.

Based on how you are describing your missing e0c, e0d ports, it sound like you have configured them for FC mode.

You don't mention what ONTAP version or mode you are using, but generally you use the "ucadmin" command to configure the desired mode (you want to set it to "cna" mode).

You have to reboot the controller to have the changes take effect.


For ONTAP 9 (or cDOT): (just do the opposite change --> cna)



For 7-Mode, man page:




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Re: Recover deleted ports OnTap 8


Thanks so much! We changed the 0c and 0d ports to cna instead of fc using 'ucadmin modify' commands, then rebooted both nodes... This produced e0c/e0d in the port list as desired.

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