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Removing disk ownership as cleanly as possible




I recently destructed one of our aggregates. The disks on that aggregate became spare disks, and I wanted to remove ownership of those disks.  In the past, I used a convenient command (disk assign -o (disk info) -s) but I can't seem to get it to work. When I searched the Netapp website, the recommended command for doing so was removeownership. Using the command worked, but doing so caused to system to give an alert:


cf.disk.invent.mismatchalt:status of some of the disks has changed or the node is missing 6 disks.


This terrified me initial but there don't appear to be any system issues. Is it safe to continue using the removeownership command?



Re: Removing disk ownership as cleanly as possible



This message occurs when one of the nodes in a high-availability (HA) pair has reported this disk in its disk inventory, but the HA partner node has not. This might be due to one of following reasons: (1) One node can see the disk, but the other node cannot. (2) Ownership of the disk has changed. (3) The disk has either been failed or unfailed. (4) The disk has been inserted or removed.

Since you are in the process of removing ownership of disk, use the 'disk show' or ' storage show disk' command on both nodes in the HA pair to re-scan the disks and determine the latest ownership.


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