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Replacing FC HBA with 10GBE - FAS3140


Hi there i have been asked about changing an fc hba with a 10gbe card in a fas3140.

1)    Is it just a case of replacing the cards and powering the FAS back up and ontap will find the drivers or is there something else that will need to happen, such as injection of drivers into ontap etc.

t     the system is not live so it can be brought down as much as we like but just wondered what gotchas i could face if i was tasked with the job?


Re: Replacing FC HBA with 10GBE - FAS3140


Hi Michael,

Great question! Assuming the cards are NetApp approved 10gbe...(ex: Chelsio), and you've looked at the System Configuration Guide on the NOW site to see what slot and version of OnTap is required... if all these are true, then YES to your question.

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