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Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard


I've got a FAS2040 with a single motherboard and I would like to know if there's a step-by-step procedure on how to replace a failed motherboard (without losing the configuration).

I would also like to know - if I purchase a spare motherboard, can I pre-configure it so that if the active one fails I can just swap it with the pre-configured one for minimal downtime?

Unfortunately my company doesn't have the resources to afford an active-active configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

I do not think it is a customer 'supported' process as it is not listed here.  It does talk about replacing the controller however which should do what you need.  If you can get the parts.


You will need to have partner access to the now site in order to access the document.

Sorry I can not help more


Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

Hi Bren,

Thanks for the reply and the link. We've actually been recommended this option instead of an active-active configuration by a NetApp partner.

If anyone had any experience in replacing a FAS2040 controller they could share, that would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,


Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

Hi Michael

afaik - one cannot buy a spare "Motherboard". The NetApp Systems are designed to always replace the complete Controller tray (which includes the Motherboard).

So, lets assume you have a spare "Controller Tray" and want to replace the broken tray...

1. power off the 2040

2. remove the old tray

3. move the FLASH Card to the "Spare Tray"

4. insert the "Spare Tray"

5. power up the 2040

Here are some optional steps, of which I'm not 100% sure, because the 2040 has the NVRAM built in as part of the System Memory...

When the system powers up and cannot "see" any disks, you need to press "CTRL-C" during the bott process, to reassign the disks to this controller.

You might also need to update the motherboard firmware on the spare tray, because it was in the shelf for some longer time...

Then everything should be fine!

Hope this helps,


Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply - the "motherboard" we've been quoted on (X3244A-R5) is listed as a spare part for the 2040 and I don't see "controller" listed so I'm hoping they're the same. I'll confirm this before ordering.

Thanks for the steps too. As the 2040 isn't in production use yet, I'm hoping I can swap the controllers and configure the standby one. Then in an emergency we can just swap the failed one as per your steps (provided the firmware hasn't changed).

I'm hoping that pre-configuring the replacement controller would mean that downtime is very short. Any comments on this approach?

Kind regards,


Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

Hi Michael

There is a parts finder on NOW (Support Site) with most of the parts and their photographs... Looking up the part number gave back this:

Part Details X3244A-R5 / 111-00524

Mktg P/NX3244A-R5
Mfg P/N111-00524
RoHS CompliantR5
DescriptionFAS2040,Motherboard,with MEM
Disk Shelf Type
Min Rev. ONTAP
Min Rev. NetCache
Firmware Disk Shelf
Sysconfig Output
Alternate PartsSP-3244A-R5,SP-3244B-R5,X3244B-R5
Warning Note
Customer OrderableActive
Qual Dev ONTAP
Click a photo to see a larger version

So it is a controller-module with Motherboard and Memory.

If you keep the Motherboard firmware up to date, then the replacement is a quick one. Depends how fast you can move the parts


Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

Thanks Peter - that's exactly what I wanted to hear!

The difference in price doing it this way rather than active-active controllers is huge!

Many thanks, Michael

Replacing a FAS2040 motherboard

It's taken a while but I've tested out the procedure and it takes about 10 minutes to replace the controller. Our spare ones have the same ONTAP and firmware version and we swap the whole controller (flash card included).

Thanks for the help,