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Replacing the Disk

I have failed disk with 144GB FC and I plan to replace it into 300GB FC Disk. Can some one give me suggestions or comments about the replacing the different disk - Thanks


Re: Replacing the Disk


Re: Replacing the Disk

You can replace the disk with a 300 GB FC. If the disk is used an aggregate with 144 GB FC, then only 144 GB of the 300 GB disk will actively be used.

Re: Replacing the Disk

Hi Riley,

Then if We replace the 300GB is it possible to replace it into 144GB or stick to 300GB? please advise

Re: Replacing the Disk

Do you have any spare disks in the aggregate?

If so, the failed disk would have copied its data over to that one and the disk you are replacing will become the new spare.

You can replace the spare 300 GB with a 144 GB disk.

If you have no spare disks, then pulling the 300 GB disk and replacing it with a 144 GB will trigger a rebuild, but should be ok as long as only 144 GB worth of that disk was in use.

You can verify which disks are being used in the aggregate by running "aggr status -r".

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Re: Replacing the Disk

thank you. yes there is spare disk to the aggregate

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