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Repurposing old FAS2220 - Can't shrink vol0


Hey all,


New to this forum and to Netapp. I was tasked to repurpose a FAS2220 for our school district. Our FAS2220 is running OnTap 8.1 and was originally connected to a VMWare server stack.

I have to repurpose this array to be backup but I have little experience with NetApp's and I am trying to zero it out so I can move from NFS to CIFS. Vol0 was the only vol and aggr created - and It is at 95% full. I tried vol size vol0 162g (the minimum amount allowed by OnTap) but the Netapp reports the volume size is too small to hold the current volume data. I don't care about the data in vol0 so how do I get rid of it?


I need to create a LUN but the aggr0 shows as only having 600+g free. How do I clear/format/erase the used space on this array? I can't find a path to success.


Thanks to anyone who responds...


Re: Repurposing old FAS2220 - Can't shrink vol0


Basically I can recommend you to start looking through Netapp University courses


you can start with basic concepts and then slightly move forward.


you are not able to shrink vol0 volume because it doesn' contain user data and never supposed it - this volume is a system volume.


Re: Repurposing old FAS2220 - Can't shrink vol0



1. Your FAS2220 still has NetApp Support entitlement and you have access top ONTAP software

2. You don't care about any existing data


I would just initialize the system and upgrade to Data ONTAP 8.2.5P3 (if you're sticking with 7-Mode).

KB: How to re-initialize / re-install / 4a Data ONTAP on a NetApp controller


If you really want to squeeze the best out of the FAS2220 in terms of storage efficiency, consider leaving 7-Mode behind and going to ONTAP 9.1P19 (ONTAP 9.1 is the terminal ONTAP release for FAS22xx).

You can follow this KB for instructions (it's a bit complicated):

KB: How to repurpose a Data ONTAP 8.1.x or later 7-Mode node to a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 node


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Re: Repurposing old FAS2220 - Can't shrink vol0


If you want to use GUI-based setup, you can use System Setup 3.1 if you're going with 8.2.5P3 7-Mode.

If you're going with ONTAP 9.1P19, you can use the OnCommand System Manager web interface.

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