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Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270

Hi Guys,

I am new here and I just created my account days ago. I was ask to configure an FAS 270c and DS14-MK2 here at the office. I am also new to this technology, but I was able to have it up and running last week without error based on the LED's of the machine, both FAS270 and DS-14

My porblems is that, I am prompted by a username and password which the people here does not know about.

My question is, How can you or I reset the username/password combination of an ONTAP system.

Hope to hear from you on this matter.

Thanks very much in advance.

Jose Eliazar Bayaton


Re: Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270

The only way I know how to change a root password is to reboot the filer.

You can just power cycle the filer since you can't login to type reboot.

Press Ctrl-C to display the boot menu when prompted to do so.

The storage system displays the

following boot menu:

1) Normal Boot

2) Boot without /etc/rc

3) Change Password

4) Initialize all disks

4a) Same as option 4, but create a

flexible root volume.

5) Maintenance mode boot

Selection (1-5)?

Choose 3 to change root password...

I would also set security options for

passwords like:

options security.passwd.rules.maximum 14

options security.passwd.rules.minimum.alphabetic 6

I hope this is helps

Re: Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the information.

I'll do it first thing tomorrow and will update you on the outcome.

All the best,

Re: Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for your assistance on this one. I have reset the account already.

Though I hit option number "3" for the password change, I did got a series of "CFE>" prompt at first, for about 5 reboot or tries finally I was able to change it.

Thanks once again and more power to you guys.

All the best!

Re: Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270

I am glad that it worked for you.

All the best.

Re: Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270


 May i loss all data and my volume if i will decide to reset password?