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Reuse disks from controller

Hi all,

we have FAS2220 setup initially in this way.

total 12 disks

controller 1 - 5 disks

controller 2 - 7 disks

active - active with HA

Now I want to reuse all the 5 disks from controller 1 and assign it to controller 2 and create one large aggregate.

Controller 1 will only be used in case controller 2 dies.

I have moved all the data from controller 1 aggregate/volumes and need to know how to destroy root volume/aggregate and assign disks to controller 2.

Also how to setup controller 1 to be able to take over in case controller 2 dies.

Any suggestions?


Re: Reuse disks from controller

Hi Dino,

You need minimum of 3 disks per controller.

There are many threads on Community discussing this, e.g. https://communities.netapp.com/message/42579#42579



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