Running 8.1 Cluster in FAS 3040 iSCSI and NFS

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Hi guys, an year ago we upgrade our 3040 to 3240, so now we going to use this old 3040 for lab and other IT operations.

i upgrade it to 8.1.4 Cluster, the lastest Ontap that support 3040, and i design to use iSCSI because i like it's MPIO, whihc NFS doesn't do.

now i am running some branchmark in it mutiple VMs under either single NFS or single iSCSI Lun, i found iSCSI are slower then NFS a lot under load. this is a bit supprise me.

i would expect an even or iSCSI faster.


i know that 3040 running in cluster 8.1.4 does not support SAN at all.

but i wounder anyone out there tested 8.1.4 iSCSI and NFS performance in their lab?

which could give me a light on which i should use? and why?






Jeff Fung