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SAS hba port to imo circles

FAS3240AE system with single stack of disk shelves existing.

Changes made were relocate system in a different rack, installed 4 - 2port 8Gb FC cards and 2 - 4port SAS cards, split the 8 disk shelves into 2 stacks across controllers for better load balancing.

Brought system up with no errors reporting.

Customer sent e-mail stating they were getting these alerts about the "sas hba port to imo circles"  Can't find any information on this, has anyone seen this issue before?  If so can you chime in with some information on it?



Re: SAS hba port to imo circles

Pasting exact message would help.

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Re: SAS hba port to imo circles

Sorry for the delay aborzenkov, slight error on the customer's part.  Thanks.

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