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SNMP Agent / cluster communiction


I understand that my cluster uses snmp as a heart beat check between heads - if I edit / configure both heads (both partners) community string to not use "public", but use something like "PEBAC" - is there a way to check if this would work without failing over a partner?



I wonder what gave you this idea. Filer does not use SNMP for cluster heartbeat. Actually SNMP is disabled by default.


WOW!  That is news to me.  Yes, SNMP is enabled by default and Community string is "public" - and everyone that I have talked to confirmed that clustered partners use snmp as heartbeat between to two.  I guess my questions is = does anyone know a way of testing the change to snmp wthout failing partner?


Here is the state after clean installation. Please notice that SNMP init is 0 (inactive):

simsim> snmp









ro public


Now I didn't setup the current cluster FAS 3020 (before my time) - it is enabled - its state after a clean install is not the question here.

(I do have a fresh out of the box FAS3140 7.3.2.RC1)

init [1]

community [ro / public]

traps [0]


If I attempt to disble snmp on the current cluster I receive message to set option snmp enable on partner or next takeover will not work correctly - this is what I would like to test, can I disable both and still have the "takeover" work correctly?  And if so, is there a way to test without performing a failure.

UPDATE: (after nother call to NetApp Support)  Spoke to another Tech early this afternoon - he did confirm that snmp is NOT used for heartbeat and only used for Ops Management - Now I'm comfortable in turning it off at this time.  I will re-enable when Ops Management comes on-line.

JUST AN FYI:  I've upgraded three FAS 3020s to FAS3140s and snmp is enabled "out-of-the-box".

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We have modified the SNMP string, and had no issues doing it one head at a time, nor during failovers (even if they didn't match).  I also have not heard of SNMP being used for cluster heartbeat.


FYI:  I've upgraded three FAS 3020s to FAS3140s and snmp is enabled "out-of-the-box".

Upgrading hardware does not change exisiting system settings unless you wiped out root volume and performed clean new instalation. Anything that was enabled stays enabled.

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