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Simple inventory question



Hi, first ever post here, we have two FAS8020 and two FAS8040 nodes running 9.3 at various sites. I have been tasked with generating a report of how many shelves and disks we have. Is there a simple way to query this info? On my Clarriion’s I get a nice graphical representation but NetApp is not so informative.



Re: Simple inventory question


In case you are a partner of Netapp you can use the tool https://fusion.netapp.com. You can imports asup-reports in the tool to generate viso-file....

From the toolschest you can have the tool Netappdocs... Not sure if everybody sees this tool. I have it as I'm a partner.

Re: Simple inventory question


Customers have a couple of options...

If you have enabled AutoSupport, you login to Active IQ at the NetApp Support site and use the Visualizations and Reports available on that portal.


Another onsite option is the ConfigAdvisor tool that you can download from NSS and run onsite.


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