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Simulating 8.3.2 -> 9.1P19 upgrade

In preparation for a production upgrade of a FAS2552 from 8.3.2P13 to 9.1P19, I wasnted to run the upgrade process in the OnTap simulator. I've done what I think is all the prep work for that (resizing root aggr, resize root volume), and the upgrade actually applies. However, when booting into the upgraded image, the system immediately kernel panics.


PANIC  : page fault (supervisor read data, page not present) on VA 0x378 cs:rip 0x20 0xffffffff804ea757 rflags 0x10246
version: 9.1P19: Mon May 27 01:30:38 EDT 2019
conf   : x86_64.optimize.nodar

I'm wondering if it's even possible to upgrade the OnTap sim past a major version. I'm running under VMWare Fusion Pro 11.





Re: Simulating 8.3.2 -> 9.1P19 upgrade



Have a quick look on this answer, he mentioned a panic down the thread related to this config but didn't mention which panic message it will show - so not really sure if it's the solution or not...



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Re: Simulating 8.3.2 -> 9.1P19 upgrade

Yes - that seems to have done it


VLOADER> setenv console vidconsole,comconsole

did the trick! Thanks!

Check out the KB!
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