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Sinai Chip Bug # 685604 & Options


I have a client who has a couple of 2240-2's and 2240-4's  He is at ONTAP 8.1.3  and using VSC 4.2.2.  He is worried about  the Bug 685604  that suggest  system disruption  related to the inter connect and using the Sinai chip.   It says is is not fixed yet, but not sure what may trigger it or how much of a worry this is? 



Re: Sinai Chip Bug # 685604 & Options


I have never seen a system experience this particular issue (and we have a lot of FAS2xxx systems in the field). You can take a look at the related bug 682639 and see that a particular part of the problem has alredy been resolved in 8.1.3 so there's even less reason to worry...

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