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Single Controller SAS Cabling


We have a single FAS 3240 and a single DS4232 shelf with 2 iom3 modules How should it be cabled?

We have 10 SAS ports on the controller so no problems using as many as required.


Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling

SAS cabling:
Connect Xa or Xc port with IOM A square, and connect Xb or Xd port with IOM B circle(X represents slot number). You should avoid using Xa/Xb pair or Xc/Xd pair in same slot. Betterto use a and d on different slots, ifpossible.

ACP cabling:
Connect e0P(locked wrench) with IOM A squre, and IOM A circle with IOM B square.


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Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling




We are getting an error on our ACP cabing we have one controller and two single shelf stacks (second stack added recently).


The ACP cabling in locked wrench -> stack 1 IOMA square -> stack 1 IOMA circle -> stack 2 IOMA square, stack 1 IOMB circle -> stack 2 IOMB square






Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling

As per ACP cabling rule, correct cabling is:

e0P - stack1 IOM A
stack1 IOM A circle - stack1 IOM B square
stack1 IOM B circle - stack2 IOM A square
stack2 IOM A circle - stack2 IOM B square
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