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Single Controller SAS Cabling

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We have a single FAS 3240 and a single DS4232 shelf with 2 iom3 modules How should it be cabled?

We have 10 SAS ports on the controller so no problems using as many as required.

Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling

SAS cabling:
Connect Xa or Xc port with IOM A square, and connect Xb or Xd port with IOM B circle(X represents slot number). You should avoid using Xa/Xb pair or Xc/Xd pair in same slot. Betterto use a and d on different slots, ifpossible.

ACP cabling:
Connect e0P(locked wrench) with IOM A squre, and IOM A circle with IOM B square.

Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling

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We are getting an error on our ACP cabing we have one controller and two single shelf stacks (second stack added recently).


The ACP cabling in locked wrench -> stack 1 IOMA square -> stack 1 IOMA circle -> stack 2 IOMA square, stack 1 IOMB circle -> stack 2 IOMB square






Re: Single Controller SAS Cabling

As per ACP cabling rule, correct cabling is:

e0P - stack1 IOM A
stack1 IOM A circle - stack1 IOM B square
stack1 IOM B circle - stack2 IOM A square
stack2 IOM A circle - stack2 IOM B square