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Sizing for FlexArray


Hi team,

does anybody has a good idea on how to size FAS900 in front of an 8-frame VMAX ? We want to ensure that the FAS9000 is not running out of power ...


We have quite limited insight into the performance characteristic of the VMAX environment so a good rule of thumb would be highly appreciated - my own idea is that a FAS900 HA system should be sufficient but I might be completely off ...


Best regards,



Re: Sizing for FlexArray


Hi larse,


I think the question really relates to what the front end workload looks like?


Is the plan to put the FAS9000 in front of the VMAX and move the workloads 1:1 block from the VMAX to the NetApp system? I suggest the FlexArray guide is the best place to start reading. 

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