FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

SnapCenter create resource group faile



VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 8294253

VCSA 6.7.0

C190 ONTAP9.8P4

FAS2650 ONTAP9.6P8

SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vsphere 4.5


I joined C190 and FAS2650 in Storage Systems


There will be an error when creating a resource group and selecting the datastore of FAS2650, the message is as follows:

Following entities could not be added to resource group:FAS2650_1
These are possible reasons for this error:
1) All the Datastores and VMDK files used by VM are not on supported storage.
2) All NetApp Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) related to Datastore or VM are not registered within SnapCenter and/or SCV.
Do you have any opinions, seniors? Thank you


Is that (C190_1,FAS2650_1 etc) the name of your 'datastores' ? It is confusing a bit, you might want to add 'ds' suffix to make them look like a datastore.


Anyway, I haven't worked on 4.5 version but it looks like you have added NetApp as 'Cluster' using admin account which seems happy looking at the screenshot, so that should be ok.


1) As a troubleshooting step, you could try instead adding 'SVM' and use the vsadmin account (unlocked) instead of the cluster, then try to select the resource group.


2) Instead of the selecting the entire datastore, try adding all the VMs (hosted on that ds) and see if there any VMs that are incompatible ?


Give it a try and in the mean time, attach the SnapCenter logs.

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