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Snapshot Configure error

Hi Everyone,

I have FAS 2040A systems and everything work fine. Suddenly oneday, when i configure the schedule of Snapshot on Web Page this show an error:

This error is only happen on 1 Controller. The order controller working normaly.

Pls help me how to solve this case.

Thanks and Best Regards


Re: Snapshot Configure error


                I think this could be a few things. I would start by simply ssh'ing into the box and try the commands there.  Look for anything strange about the volume name? That could throw errors if they have a unexpected char.

ssh commands to run

vol status Subsurface

snap server Subsurface 10

snap  sched Subsurface 0 2 6@11,15,21

Hope this helps.



Re: Snapshot Configure error

Hi Olson,

I run a command and everything done. But when i configure on the webconsole this show this error. I need to fix this cause my customer they don't expert on CLI.

Thanks and Best Regards

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