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Snapvault State is Broken-off after creation

Hi all,


i have a problem with newly created Snapvaults and i have no idea how to fix this.


The Source-Volume is on a Metrocluster and had a Snapvault before, but was removed properly.

The Destination-Volume is a new Volume on a FAS2620 Cluster.

Both Systems are running ONTAP 9.1 (9.1P10 on the Metrocluster and 9.1P3 on the FAS2620)


After i created and initialized the Snapmirror with the type XDP, it is in the State Broken-off.

I check the Peer Status and this is fine, other Snapmirror/Snapvault are working fine.


Since i have no idea where to look at, just tell me what information you need to help me fixing this.


Thanks in advance.





Re: Snapvault State is Broken-off after creation

Hi Alex,


Did the initialization complete successfully ? What is the output of the below command, please have this  executed from the destination (FAS2620) cluster.


Destination_cluster::>snapmirror show -destination path <DES_SVM_NAME: VOL_NAME_DES> -instance (This would be a long detailed output ) 


my_cluster::> snapmirror show -destination-path SVM1:vol_dr -instance



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Re: Snapvault State is Broken-off after creation

Hello Sheshanka,


thanks for the Reply!


I have fixed this today morning as I saw that the Volumes on the Destination were created as RW, and not as DP.

After i re-created the Volumes as DP, everything works fine.




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