Spare size difference

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Per the spare disks listed below, can the second disk replace the first (mind the MB difference)?

partner 11b.1x.1x       10b   10  17 SA:A   0   SAS 15000 0/0 560208/1147307688

partner 11b.1x.1x       10b   10  16 SA:A   0   SAS 15000 0/0 560879/1148681096

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Re: Spare size difference

Yes this is totally OK. One of the reasons for the "disk right sizing" being done by Storage Manufacturers.

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Yes, I'm aware of the Right Sizing, however I couldn't find any detailed information on it. Does it cut all the disks raw sizes, or just the new ones added based on the lowest size factor?

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Because the disk manufacturers are producing disks with diferent geometry, the Storage Companies need to find a way to work around this fact.

NetApp "right sizes" the disks to the lowest numbers of all disks they get (buy). I guess all the Storage Companies do some sort of right-sizing...

So, it does not depend on which disks you are adding to the system, they all are "right-sized" by ONTAP. I'm not aware of a table showing all the details, buit there is one in the "Storage Admin Guide" showing the "netto capacity" of all the disks available.

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have a look at the thread and another URL given below, you may find an explanation for right sizing