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Spec sheet on X298A-R5

Does anyone have a spec sheet on a 1TB SATA disk (X298X-R5)?  I'm looking for weight information ...


Spec sheet on X298A-R5

I found an internal doc that listed the following:

X298A-R5 - Box Dimensions: 15 X 10 X 8, Weight: 3 lbs


Spec sheet on X298A-R5

Thanks for finding the weight.  Is there a corresponding drawing?  I have dimensions of 4.00 x 5.80 x 1.10 ... just want to make sure I have the right info.

Spec sheet on X298A-R5

I think 3 lbs is the shipping weight. This is probably a dual sourced disk drive. Your dimensions look correct (or close, anyway) for the Seagate SATA 7200rpm 1TB version on their web site at: http://www.seagate.com/docs/pdf/datasheet/disc/ds_barracuda_7200_12.pdf

Is that enough info? Not sure how to go about getting a mechanical drawing for this device....