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Storage Available after Formatting

I just added two new trays to my V-3170. I have one tray of 2TB SATA drives and I'm wondering what would be the most efficient way to distrubute the disks. I want to get the most space out of my aggregates so would I be better served to create on large aggr? Or split the tray into a couple different aggregates? I will be using RAID-DP.

We currently don't have any existing aggregates with 2TB drives so expanding an existing is not an option.


Re: Storage Available after Formatting

I think you are going to hit the limit for aggregate size of 16TB, so you can only have 10 or may be 12 disks in a Raid Group, and have to have at least 2 probably 3 aggregates.

Re: Storage Available after Formatting


What ONTAP version are you on?

64-bit aggregates can help you a lot with utilising 2TB drives 'properly', but you need ONTAP version 8.x.

Some more info in this thread:



Re: Storage Available after Formatting

Our V-3170 is on 7.3.2P4.

So if I create 2 aggregates I'm going to lose 4 disks for parity, right? I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get the most out of this tray, any input is appreciated.


Re: Storage Available after Formatting

Yes, 2 aggregates mean in this case 4 parity disks (assuming we are talking RAID-DP) - so usable capacity really sucks

That's why 64-bit aggregates are almost a must for 2TB drives.

Re: Storage Available after Formatting

So considering this is our first tray of 2TB drives, we'll lose one of the 14 disks as a hot spare. Leaving us with a total of 13 useable disks. So I'd create one aggregate with 7 disks and the other with 6 disks, guess I really have no other options. Thoughts on this?

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