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Storage System Path and Storagesystem


We operate several Windows servers with different operating system versions and with some of their disks in a SAN storage. Sometimes it is necessary to know the SAN storage type and the storage system path, e.g. for telling our storage colleagues which disk they should enlarge.


In our Windows Server 2008 systems it is pretty easy to find out that path, by opening the Data ONTAP DSM Management snap-in in the Computer Management. There is a column "Storage System" showing a value like "gddehhgc0503" and a column "Storage System Path" that shows something like e.g. "/vol2/GDDECEH70120/GDDECEH70120_SQLMXAIV2P".


Windows Server 2012 (and newer) doesn't allow this helpful Data ONTAP program. How can we then evaluate the "Storage System" and the "Storage System Path" values for a certain disk? Is there an option with Powershell and NetApp's OnTap PowerShell module? Do we need to install this module on each 2012 server, that has SAN disks or could we use it e.g. from a mounted iso file?


Re: Storage System Path and Storagesystem


You should be able to use Data ONTAP DSM 4.1 which supports Windows 2012.

Re: Storage System Path and Storagesystem


Also, you might have found the dsmcli helpful which was available in older versions of DSM, but that was deprecated as of DSM 3.5.


More info here: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1133094/html/GUID-53D4A8E0-0444-460F-96A7-107C13AF3775.html


This was replaced with Windows PowerShell cmdlets.  Info on the NetApp Powershell Toolkit can be found here: https://mysupport.netapp.com/tools/info/ECMLP2310788I.html?productID=61926



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