FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

The New FAS3270 & FAS3240


What’s a key new expandability feature?



3 type:

  • 1 32XX stand alone
  • 1 32XX HA
  • 1 32XX + Extention Stand Alone && HA

It's not possible to:

  • convert 1 32XX HA for 1 32XX+Ext & 1 32XX+Ext the chassis are not the same.
  • add Ext into 1 32XX Stand Alone

However I don't know if it's possble to add a 32XX into a 32XX Stand Alone.


The FAS/V3270 and FAS/V3240 are available in 2 versions: with and without Expanded I/O. The expanded I/O versions have an I/O expansion module in the lower half of each system, enabling those versions to offer 8 additional PCIe expansion slots compared to the standard FAS/V3270 & FAS/V3240 models (in HA configs).


...and as far as i know is the I/O expansion module not hot-swappable. Don't forget to reboot after inserting I/O expansion module (do not remove from running system)

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