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Tool for Analysing Data


Can you help with the following question from one of our Partners?

"I’ve just collected virtualisation collection data that has been running for 7 days, is there any other way of viewing or analysing the data other than the startanalyzerUI java script? I thought there was a Netapp tool that could give more detail from the collected data or even recommend a suitable FAS array or am I mistaken?"



Re: Tool for Analysing Data

i'm a little confused on what tool was used to collect the data?

Re: Tool for Analysing Data

The virtualization data collector tool with jre.

Re: Tool for Analysing Data

Hi Elias,

Personally I haven't used this tool, but I believe these are the steps:

1) Collection via Virtualization Data Collector

2) Results processed by Virtualization Data Analyser

3) Output from step 2) used for actual sizing with Custom Application Sizer



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