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Two SVM one FAS

Hello, I have a FAS2520 with Ontap 9.3 with one (1) SVM running with iSCSI and CIFs.
I want to create a second SVM only for iSCSI, how do I configure the network connection?
do they share the ethernet ports?
some document that explains how to implement multiple SVM?
Thank you.


Re: Two SVM one FAS

The idea is to replicate each SVM to a FAS2220 for backup with snapmirror. In total there are 3 FAS, one FAS2520 with all the information and 2 FAS2220 backup. The idea is to distribute the backup information between both FAS2220.

Re: Two SVM one FAS



I was able to create new lif via CLI using ethernet port ok.



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