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Unable to SSH while telnet.enable is off

Filer setting as below:

asihkgfp00n1> options ssh
ssh.access                   *
ssh.enable                   on
ssh.idle.timeout             0
ssh.passwd_auth.enable       on
ssh.port                     22
ssh.pubkey_auth.enable       on
ssh1.enable                  off
ssh2.enable                  on
asihkgfp00n1> options telnet
telnet.access                legacy     (same value required in local+partner)
telnet.distinct.enable       off        (same value required in local+partner)
telnet.enable                on         (same value required in local+partner)

Once telnet.enable is turned off, ssh failed accordingly. Anybody knows why?

The filer is FAS3140, ONTAP 7.3.1P2.



Re: Unable to SSH while telnet.enable is off

Hi, I had the exact same thing. It is described in BUG ID 344484.

However this should be fixed in (it did for me anyway).


Re: Unable to SSH while telnet.enable is off

Yes, this is apparently a known issue and we ran into it as well.

Prior to being able to schedule an upgrade to a fixed version, I worked around this by leaving telnet enabled but denying access via telnet to all hosts:

filer> options telnet.access "host=-"

Hope that is useful.

Re: Unable to SSH while telnet.enable is off



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