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Unified Manager




Is this a free download for FAS 2650 customer?  We need some more alerting options (sending alerts on quota, system, etc) besides the autosupport feature.  I tried to download but was given an unauthorized access.






Re: Unified Manager

Hi SVHO, you are correct there is no license required for Unified Manager, you should be able to download as long as you have a valid Support Contract - if you are having issues then please speak to your Sales Rep or raise a Support case to have this resolved.


Once you've Unified Manager installed, then you can set up the alerting, also if you need more traps then add them via the Administration -> Manage Events -> Subscribe to EMS Events option.


Please see EMS Event Catalog: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2496248 for the full list of events.


Hope this helps.







Re: Unified Manager


Great.  I am assuming this is a quick deploy on a windows/linux machine.  The machine will need to be on the same network as the NAS management?




Re: Unified Manager

Correct, easy install, supported versions for the latest 7.2P1 are:


  • On VMware vSphere, support for ESXi 6.5 in addition to 6.0.
  • ESXi 5.5 is no longer supported.
  • On the Windows platform, support for Windows Server 2016 in addition to 2012.
  • Windows Server 2008 is no longer supported.
  • On the Red Hat platform, support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 in addition to previous versions 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3.

You can deploy Unified Manager as a virtual appliance on a VMware ESXi server. Install Guide is here: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMLP2638750 which includes the spec of the servers.


You just need network connectivity between the systems to be able to monitor.


FYI, Unified Manager 7.2P1 includes Performance Manager (which was a seperate product in previous releases).