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Upgrade FAS2440-4 to cdot


I have an FAS 240-4 (2 Controller)and i want to use it a an additional SnapVault target for our AFF200, therefor i need to upgrade from 8.2.5 7mode to cDot.
The Cluster Interconnect needs 10G network Modules, so it is best practice to remove one Controller.
Is there a  Guide for the upgrade process?
On the AFF we use 9.3P4, what is the highest cDot version supportet on the FAS 2440-4?
Is Snapmirror/SnapVault protection betwen cdot8 and cdot9?
Thanks, Thomas



Re: Upgrade FAS2440-4 to cdot



indeed need 10GB card for interconnect. you can also indeed remove one node to avoid it. the highest version you can use on 22xx is 9.1Px and you should be able to snapvault to higher 9.X's



the process is outlined here:



Good luck

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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Re: Upgrade FAS2440-4 to cdot

Hi marcus;


Thanks, very helpful!

Greetings, thomas


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