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Upgrade ONTAP FAS960c

Hi, I try upgrade ontap 7.2.3 to 7.3.6 on fas960c all go just ok, an until restart the head. afther restart I have still last version of system.

version -b

1:/x86/kernel/primary.krn: OS 7.3.6

1:/backup/x86/kernel/primary.krn: OS 7.2.3

1:/x86/diag/diag.krn:  Diagnostic_5.5.2

1:/x86/firmware/xfiler/firmware.img: Firmware 4.3.1_i2

1:/x86/firmware/rodan/firmware.img: Firmware 4.3.1_i1

all procedure upgrade was done sucessfull no errors

Can you give a clue or idea. What to do?


Upgrade ONTAP FAS960c

Your primary kernel is 7.3.6. Where exactly do you see old version?

Upgrade ONTAP FAS960c

Hi, Problem resolved I secend time upgrade FAS and sacessfull finish updrade. Tnx for help.

Upgrade ONTAP FAS960c

Secend line old is 7.3.2 new 7.3.6

Upgrade ONTAP FAS960c

Secend line  

Second line shows previous kernel version before update. It is there so you can (more or less easily) revert in case something goes extremely wrong.

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