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Upgrading FAS270 to FAS2050


Hello All

We are planning to upgrade FAS270 to FAS2050. According to our plan of action, we are going to convert the FAS270 to disk-shelf and adding it to FAS2050.Also we are going to assign all the 20 disks of FAS2050 to one of its node (e.g. node1) and the external disk-shelf (FAS270) will be added to the other node (e.g.node2). In node2 the root volume will be FAS270's root volume.

   The thing I want to discuss is, on initial step we are going to up only one node of FAS2050 i.e. node1 and we will assign all the 20 disks to it. By keeping cluster disable. Later on when we will get downtime for FAS270, then we will convert it into disk-shelf and add to FAS2050.

Have anyone done this before? Or is there issue anyone faced??

Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.





Re: Upgrading FAS270 to FAS2050


I'd do that in a slightly different way:

1) FAS2050 - assign 17 drives to head 1 & 3 drives to head 2 (just to keep root volume on it & keep the controller operational)

2) Convert FAS270 to a disk shelf & connect it to FAS2050

3) Assign all external disks to head 2

4) Migrate head 2 root vol from internal drives to the new shelf

5) Ressign 3 internal disks owned by head 2 to head 1

Sounds like a plan?


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