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Use FAS2220 as DAS?



Would like to ask if this is possible?

I would like to reduce the load on my switches, that is why I am looking into this.


I am currently running both controllers in HA mode.

I am trying to add the iSCSI initatiors on the server but I am unable to detect them.


Re: Use FAS2220 as DAS?

Re: Use FAS2220 as DAS?

Hi Syntaxerror,


Thanks going to check it out now!


edit: any idea if it will work with ontap8.1.4?

Re: Use FAS2220 as DAS?

If you are using 8.1.4 7-Mode it is not supported to have a direct attached connection to a HA pair but you can use it if you only have one controller:



At the bottom of page 8

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Re: Use FAS2220 as DAS?

So I can technically have 2 controllers and run each of them with teaming to my server?

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