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Use root volume to store data

I have a 200GB root volume. I know I can create new smaller volume and make it root. However it requires system reboot which is not preferable in my case. Is it recommended to use root volume to store data? What are the risks?




Re: Use root volume to store data


In general, the new volumes what you create inherit many of their settings from the root volume. The root volume contains special directories and configuration files that help you administer your storage system. I think you can find your answer from the section, " How to manage the Root Volume" from the System Administration Guide for 7.3.x (which I am attaching). I hope this helps.



Re: Use root volume to store data

Thanks, Sudheer! My problem is that I can't understand (including admin guide) the real impact of storing important data on the root volume. I think I should mention as well, that all my other volumes are stored on the root aggregate.

Re: Use root volume to store data

Is root volume traditional or flexible volume?

Re: Use root volume to store data


Re: Use root volume to store data

Then you can always reduce the volume size use this space for another volume. What is the reason you want to move root volume somewhere else?

Re: Use root volume to store data

Good point... on a 2020 there usually is only one aggregate and you can shrink it without moving it.  The minimum size of a root volume on a 2020 with 7.3 is 10GB. Run a df to see the size of root since you can't shrink below the used amount (ontap won't let you)... 10GB seems small but that is the minimum so 200GB is likely way more than you need on the 2020.

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