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Using 3210 c0a for controller swap

I am in charge of a controller swap from a 3210 7-mode to 8020 7 mode.  The 3210 is using the backplane for HA, but has the C0a/C0b open.  I need a connection between chassis since the 8020 is the same configuration with 2 controllers in one chassis.  If I use netapp 10GbE cables will the 3210 switch to the "C" ports if it sees a link?  I'm not finding any information to support this scenario. 



Re: Using 3210 c0a for controller swap

cannot say for sure but I assume that if the 2 controllers are in the same chassis, the interconnect link will go through the backplane (regardless of the 10G link in the c0a/c0b ports) but once you remove one of the controllers from the chassis, the link will start working through the 10G link



Re: Using 3210 c0a for controller swap

I've found that the bigger is likely that there doesn't seem to be a way to swap controllers "live" or "hot" as they say..


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