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V-Filer dr configure error


Hi Guys and Ladies


I have to configure a DR v-filer but get the following error in doing so - knowledgebase and support site does not give me any info.


vfiler dr configure source_vfiler@source_filer -u
source_filer's Administrative login: root
source_filer's Administrative password:
source_filer: Connection refused
vfiler command cannot be run while 'vfiler dr' command is running; try again later.
: Undefined error: 0


Can someone please tell me why I am getting this error, and what I should do to get around it?






Re: V-Filer dr configure error


Enable and configure  rsh on both source and destination, then retry.

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Re: V-Filer dr configure error


Hi, thanks for the feedback - however, rsh is enabled on both filers. By the way - I am running DOT 8.2.3P2.

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