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V-Series paths to vmware esx

A picture of my current setup is attached.

I believe on my ESX server I should see 4 paths but I only see 2.  Is this a correct setup because how netapp does failover or should I see 4 paths?  On my EVA I see 4 paths.


Re: V-Series paths to vmware esx

I found that my EVA shows both controllers to the ESX machines.  Does netapp do the same or does it only show 2 paths and new paths show up in case of a failover event?


Re: V-Series paths to vmware esx

Hi Jason,

This is not a V-Series specific issue.  As far as ESX is concerned, there is no difference between a V-Series and a FAS controller.  You'd probably have better luck posting this question to the SAN forums.  That said, we'd need to see a bit more info than just a topology drawing to help here.  We'd need to see the fabric zones, at least. 


Dan Isaacs





Re: V-Series paths to vmware esx

Thanks for the reply Dan,  I figured it out.  I did not have controller B plugged in yet and once I did that the 3rd and 4th link showed up.

Check out the KB!
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