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V-Series performance troubleshooting


Hi, everyone,

I am trying to identify the source of the performance issues currently crippling our V3160. We are hosting multiple CIFS-mounted filesystems and FC-attached VMFS datastores, and we are constantly seeing latency well in excess of 100 ms. When this happened in the past, we were able to point to oversaturated back-end disks as the culprit, but I cannot find that issue now. We have Operations Manager and Performance Manager; is there anything I can look at which will indicate which back-end LUN or LUNs are causing this issue? We tried a POC with Balance (formerly Akorri BalancePoint), but it was unable to identify the cause of our performance issues.




Re: V-Series performance troubleshooting


Hi Tom,

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but did you open a ticket with support? They'll probably have you run perfstat.

You could look at statit from the CLI but someone would need to teach you how to do it, ask your SE.

Do start with a P2 support case - > 100ms latencies should not be ignored.



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